Clever Content Fast-Track Workshop - Thur 30 June, 1pm

Create Less Content and Get More Sales

Join our fast-track content planning workshop and leave with a detailed plan of content ideas that will get:

  • Your blog posts ranking on Google 
  • Your potential customers to fall in love with you
  • Your audience to buy from you! 
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Does Any of this Ring True?

Did You Answer Yes to Any of These?

It’s time to stop creating random blogs that achieve no results for you.

What you need is a clever plan that cuts your blog creation time in half.

And delivers you rankings, traffic, leads and sales!

Introducing the Clever Content Fast-Track Workshop:
Get Found and Get Sales from Your Blog

Content for every stage of the buyer's journey

Walk you through the four key stages that a customer must go through before they buy from you. And more importantly, tell you what content you need to create for each stage.

Examples of content in action

Give you actionable examples of blog content that will work hard for your business - showing you what will rank on search engines, get customers to fall in love with you AND get sales.

12 fill-in-the-blank blog post templates

Give you 12, unique blog post templates that will help you get higher search engine rankings, more website traffic and more dream customers AND cut your content creation time in half!

Q&A Session

We'll have a Q&A session following our training so you can ask any questions about your new content strategy, how to get your blogs ranked on search engines or how to write the content.

You Jammy Little Blogger!
You also get these bonuses too...

  • A post workshop call 2 weeks later, giving feedback on the first piece of content you’ve created following the workshop!

  • An SEO video all about how to optimise a blog post, so you can increase your chances of getting found on Google 
Clever Content Workshop
Clever Content Workshop
Clever Content Workshop
Clever Content Workshop
Clever Content Workshop

Hmmm…I’m not sure because:

I can’t make it live to the Clever Content Workshop.

Of course, taking the workshop live is preferable because it forces you to take action there and then. But…there’s no difference between the live workshop and the recorded one. You don’t get ‘more value’ joining live. 

Watching it at your own pace is advantageous as you can pause whenever you like,  to write down content ideas. We also have a follow up call two weeks later where you can ask questions too!

I’m not starting any content until September, and you can’t make me!

Can you smell it? The sweet smell of Summer? You may be thinking, ‘I have holidays coming up.’ or ‘I really wanted to get cracking on this whole content malarky in September.’ 

Good! This is exactly what you need. September is a hectic month, full of marketing noise as everyone is ‘back on it’. So if you have a content plan ready for September that helps you stand out, you’re going to be at a huge advantage. 

Erm…hello?! I don’t have the time to attend a 2-hour workshop.

We get it. Two whole hours out of your business seems like a lot. We personally hate wasting time, especially on learning all about something but never really making the time to implement it. 

This is why we designed this workshop to help you save time (it’s even in the title). We explain what content you need to create to get you the BEST results and we provide templates that will cut your content time in half!

Yeah. Blogging is just so…2009.

The word blog gets a bad rep because sometimes when people think of a ‘blog’ what they are really thinking of is a company’s ‘industry news’ section (AKA complete fluff).

We will teach you how to create blogs that both rank and generate you leads and sales (zero fluff here). And if you’re still unsure, remember that companies who blog get 67% more leads than companies that don’t. Nice!

Thursday 30 June, 1pm (UK time)

Clever Content Fast-Track Workshop

£ 147 (including VAT)
  • 2-hour content planning workshop
  • Q&A included
  • Follow-up call 2 weeks later to review content
  • 12 fill-in-the-blanks blog post templates
  • SEO video on how to optimise your blog posts

What the FAQ!

Question? We've Got The Answer!

Yes. This will be sent to you with captions following the workshop.

The follow-up session will take place approx. 2 weeks after the first call. Date TBC. 

We’re a VAT registered company, and we will charge you VAT depending on your location. However, if you enter your VAT number it should deduct the VAT for you.

Most of the content included in the workshop is downloadable, for this reason, we cannot offer refunds.

Nope. Two hours is a long time for you to be on camera, smiling that ‘I’m on camera, crap I better smile’, smile. So it’s entirely up you. If you want your camera off the entire workshop so you can concentrate without worrying about your face, then please do. 


If you like your camera on, that’s also welcome too. 


This is your workshop, and you do whatever works best for you!  

The following is advised: 

  • Pen
  • Paper 
  • A brew 
  • Several packets of biscuits

Yes! We will have a Q&A at the end. You can pop your question in the chat box or you can ask on camera. We’ll answer all of your questions at the end.

There are content planning workshops everywhere! So, a few things that make this extra special. 

  • We actually create content ourselves and use our content to generate leads and sales (you can check out our blog as proof!) so we know what works and we’ll tell you exactly what strategy we follow 
  • We give you blog post templates as part of this which will cut your blogging time in half 
  • We have a follow up session where we will critique your first piece of content you’ve created following the workshop 
  • It’s highly actionable – you’ll leave with a brand new content plan that will generate you rankings and sales 
  • We specialise in SEO too, so yes, we’ll help you create great content but actually ranks   

This isn’t a, now you have the first piece of the puzzle you have to buy more shit to get results, kinda thing. 

You will leave the workshop with a clear content plan that will get you more website traffic and sales. We’ll also give you templates to help you cut your blogging time massively. 

This is for you if you want to create a blogging plan that works hard for your business and takes less time for you or your team to create. 

Thursday 30 June, 1pm (UK time)

Clever Content Fast-Track Workshop

£ 147 (including VAT)
  • 2-hour content planning workshop
  • Q&A included
  • Follow-up call 2 weeks later to review content
  • 12 fill-in-the-blanks blog post templates
  • SEO video on how to optimise your blog posts

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