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Make Your Mark Online Membership

Get more traffic and more sales from your website.

How We Can Help You?

As members of CMA, you’re pretty clued up on content marketing. 

BUT one of the biggest problems CMA members have is with their website. 

You may want to start driving traffic to your site through content marketing, but your website isn’t up to scratch. It doesn’t look great, and it’s holding you back. 

Or perhaps you’re already doing content marketing. You may be tackling Marcus’ Big 5 through your blog, or getting your teeth into a podcast or getting your face out there with video.

BUT your website just isn’t converting as much as you’d like, even though you’re doing amazing things with content. 

This is where we can help. 

We can help you create an amazing looking website that gets more traffic AND converts readers into customers. 

What’s Included in our Membership?

  • Easy-to-use-and-edit plugin web pages designed to convert your readers into customers


  • 60+ Video Courses on how to plan, build and grow a website. ‘It’s the Netflix of web design’ covering everything from SEO, to writing website copy to WordPress tutorials


  • Weekly Live Q&A calls where you can ask questions, get feedback and meet other members


  • Private Slack group, where we provide easy-to-follow video answers to your questions and you get feedback from our amazing community


  • Regular challenges that will keep you accountable, such as our video or blogging challenge


  • Full planning days throughout the year where we walk you through how to plan and build your site


  • Member-only resources such as our SEO page checker, SEO planner, Testimonials generator and website menu planner 

“But you’re not Chris.”

We know. We haven’t got Chris’ sexy beard or beautiful Scottish accent. And more importantly, we’re just not Chris (sigh).

Chris has taught us so much. And honestly? He has had the single biggest impact on our business. We owe Chris so much, and not a week goes by where we’re not thankful we didn’t join CMA.

We’ve learnt a ton from Chris about content marketing. We’ve applied this in our own business and we’ve seen AMAZING results.

chris-marr-martin-huntbach-lyndsay-cambridge copy

So we want to show you what we’ve learnt from Chris about content marketing and how we’ve applied this to our business.

But we also want to help you with your website – making it look amazing, getting traffic to it, converting readers into customers.

We’re not Chris. And we’ll never try to be. (I mean seriously, who could?)

But what we want to do is continue his amazing work in the best way we can, and bring our own knowledge to the table too.

We really hope you’ll join us

Okay, but, who are you again?

For those of you who haven’t seen Martin drunkenly playing the trombone to Careless Whisper here’s what else we’re known for…

We run a web design agency called Jammy Digital, and we live and breathe websites. We’ve achieved some pretty impressive results for our clients – such as 10x their website traffic, increasing their sales by 50% and getting them found for 500 more keywords.

BUT, we also speak to a lot of freelance business owners who really struggle getting sales from their websites. So, we decided to set up a membership for people who don’t have 5K+ to spend on a website, but want a great looking site that helps them generate leads.

The Make Your Mark Online Membership won’t teach you every marketing strategy under the sun. It’s all about how to plan, build and grow a successful website.




"It felt like Netflix for web design"


John Espirian - Technical Copywriter

"Martin and Lyndsay feel like friends "


Helen Bradley - Hypnotherapist

"This has saved me so much time"


Sara Bussandri - Content Writer



We help you build and grow a WordPress website that delivers you leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter if you need to build a new website from scratch, redesign your website or simply get more traffic and sales from your current site, you can join our course at the exact point that suits you and your business. Easy.






Use Our Proven Strategy to Plan Your Website

Having worked on over one-hundred 1-2-1 website design projects, we’ve created a proven strategy for building a website that acts as the best salesperson for your business. You’ll have access to our courses that help you attract better clients, charge more for your services and build a brand that your audience will love.

Website Planning Day

Planning and building a website on your own is lonely and confusing. But not anymore. Join us across two full days in 2020 where we walk you through exactly what you need to include on your website, how to brand your website AND how to build a beautiful, conversion-friendly website using our plugin page designs.


Pre-designed Web Pages By Us

These web pages aren’t just templates thrown together without any thought or consideration. We’ve created these pages based on our knowledge and experience of creating websites that cost up to £30,000. You’ll get access to user-friendly, beautifully designed pages that will generate leads and sales for your business.

Add Your Branding to the Web Pages Easily

You can edit our page designs easily with your branding, colours, content and images. You can even add your own sections of text, images, testimonials or videos. It’s fully customisable, and you can follow along with our courses on exactly how to make changes. This gives you a unique, memorable, beautiful looking website that you can be proud of.


Generate More Traffic & Sales from Your Website

Your website should be that little space on the internet that’s all yours. A place you control to grow your business. That’s why we help you grow your website through our 60+ video courses, including SEO, blogging, copywriting, taking payments on your website and the best plugins for you to use.

Join our Challenges & Be Held Accountable

Sometimes, we just need a little kick up the bum, right? Well, that’s exactly what we do in our challenges. Get involved and see the amazing way you can grow your traffic and increase your conversions through our regular challenges, such as our video challenge and blogging challenge.


Be Part of Our Amazing Community

At the heart of our membership is our community. Something our members LOVE is the videos we record for them which answer their questions posted in the community. It’s a place where you can just talk business and make friends with some amazing people who can offer you support and guidance.

Weekly Q&A Call - No ‘Limited Access’ To Us!

Eugh. Those membership communities where you don’t see the owners for dust…they’re annoying, right? That’s why we’re live every week with our members, answering your niggling questions, giving you feedback and having a good giggle. Because as much as business is serious, we all need a little relaxing too, right?


Questions You Might Have

Ooooh, the ultimate question. The price is usually $39 per month or $390 per year (VAT may be extra, depending on where you live)! 

But… CMA Members get a huge discount. If you join using the “CMA” coupon code, you will only pay $30+VAT per month or $300+VAT per year.

Yup. We’ve developed videos to help you with things like hosting, SSL certificates and installing the templates. We also have weekly Q&A calls and our private forum where you can ask questions. 

You’ll never be able to cancel…ever!! Mwahahaha

Seriously. We’re not one of those horrible companies that make it difficult to cancel (we’re looking at you, Sky). You can cancel at the click of a button. 

Having a great looking website is only the start of having a successful website. 

If you’re happy with you current website, then we’ll help you get more traffic to it and get more leads. We’ll do this through our 60+ courses about website copy, SEO, blogging etc.

A lot of our members have also used some of our pages on their website such as our about page or a lead capture page. So even if you don’t want to use us our entire website design, you can use elements of it. 

We use Slack for our members’ community forum. 

There’s a reason for this. With Facebook or any social media, it’s easy to get distracted from focusing on your business. We know from experience! 

And an online forum can be a little clunky and difficult to use.

We personally LOVE Slack. But it’s not about us. So we surveyed our members who reported back they loved Slack too! So that’s the forum we went with. 

We recommend you get a license for Elementor so you can edit our page designs easily. Elementor costs $49 a year (pretty reasonable!) We teach you how to use it, and the great thing is, it’s super easy!

We’ve tested all the paid page builders such as Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor – Elementor was the best. We use it all the time, including, to build this lovely page. 

But, the point of this membership is to also save you money. We don’t want you buying tons of other software and subscriptions.

For example, We’ve created lead capture pages so you don’t have you use any external lead capture software. 

We’ve developed plugin pages so you don’t have to pay for a theme and support. 

This is all about streamlining your costs.

It’s so lovely we get this question…

But no. 

The page designs are for members only, and you can’t buy them from us. So there. 




+VAT monthly
Save $9 per month by using discount code "CMA"



+VAT yearly
Save $90 per year by using discount code "CMA"



Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days you don’t like it, you can leave our membership with the click of a button (okay, maybe like three clicks) and get a full refund.

Stupid Guarantee (yes, we’re stupid)

We believe in our membership so much, that if it’s not right for you and you cancel within 30 days, you’ll get a FREE 30-minute 1-2-1 coaching call with us so we can point you in the right direction and offer guidance so you can grow your online business in a different way (worth £147.00). No hard feelings. We genuingly want to help you. 

Yeah, I’m ready to do this

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