Learn the exact framework we use with our 1-2-1 clients who pay us thousands every single month.

The Content Coaching Programme That Will Catapult You From The Sidelines Into The Spotlight...

Content Marketing Course

Now with over 50 ChatGPT prompts that make your content creation 10x faster (while still standing out!)

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?!

If you answer yes to any of these, you're in need of help!

You keep creating valuable content but it doesn’t get the traction it deserves

You would really love more website traffic and rankings, so you can get new leads organically 

You’ve not created a content strategy and content calendar, you’re creating content as and when inspiration hits

You don’t see any leads or sales from your content and instead rely on referrals or ads for new business 

You know that content is the way to become the authority in your industry, but you struggle to know what to create

It's time for you to relax!

Now imagine...

1. You’ve developed a content strategy and calendar and you’re never stuck with what to post

2. You create blog content faster than ever and can repurpose it easily into scroll-stopping social media posts and emails 

3. You’re consistently creating content that stands out AND makes sales

4. Your website is ranking on the first page of Google for your popular keywords and bringing in new leads 

5. Your content is positioning you as THE authority in your industry and you’re starting to get invited on to podcasts or stages


Content Marketing Course

Introducing our content marketing and coaching course...

The Standout Content Framework

It’s a complete content system that includes a video course, coaching, content templates and over 50 AI prompts.


The Stand Out Content Framework

The Stand Out Content Framework is the system we use with our 1-2-1 clients to get them out of the sidelines and into the spotlight. 

Our clients pay us thousands every single month for us to do this for them, and now, we’ve packaged up our 10 years’ experience into this proven framework, which includes coaching sessions, an in-depth, 8 module course and over 50 ChatGPT prompts.  

This framework will take you through every single step of content creation, right from the strategy to repurposing, telling you the best way to do it to get results AND how to get it done fast (using a little help from AI). 


the Good stuff

What's included?

Content Writing Course

1. Video Course

We'll walk you through the entire content creation system we use with our clients from start to finish, though a 10-part video course.

Jammy Home

2. 3x Coaching Calls

We'll have three group coaching calls where you can ask questions or ask for feedback on content you've created.

Content Writing Course

3. AI Prompts

We'll give you access to over 50 exclusive AI prompts that will make content creation 10x faster - everything from keyword research to repurposing

Martin and Lyndsay Jammy Digital

4. Content Templates

We'll also give you access to 30+ fill-in-the-blanks content templates that you can use for blog posts, videos & social media content. Giving you get more traffic leads and sales!


The Cherry On Top

Juicy Bonuses

Access to our content planning calendar that will help you map out a year's worth of content

Worth £97

SEO checklist to make sure you have the best chance of ranking #1 on Google

Worth £97

Exclusive 1hr video training on how to build a Content Fortress and attract dream clients

Worth £197


What do others think?


'The content has bought literally 40,000 people to our website. They know how great content works!'

Daniel Priestley

Founder, Dent & ScoreAp

‘Jammy have been a huge transformational partner for us. They’ve helped scale our business .’

'I'm being found on the number one and two spots of Google for my key search terms...'

Kylie Lang

Quiz Strategist

‘They take so much care and consideration…it’s a fantastic experience.’

"You have been incredible to the success of my businesses"

Adele Stickland

Health Coach

‘So not only are they conscientious, they are insightful as a team. Their thought and their feedback is incredible. 

I spent a long time deciding who to work with, and I am so pleased that I ended up with Jammy Digital.’

"My organic traffic doubled and I'm fully booked!'

Clare Murthy


‘Now, I have to say about six months later, I probably have only implemented about 70% of what they told me to do.

And the reason for that is that I became so busy. I’ve been fully booked with really fantastic clients.’

Who are we?

Here's How We KNOW This Works

Content Marketing Course

We’re Jammy Digital, an award-winning SEO and content marketing agency for businesses that aren’t afraid to stand out.  

We help teach entrepreneurs and founders how to master everything from skilled keyword research to great storytelling, from content design, to web wizardry that ensures your content has the best chance of ranking.

We’ve also published a best-selling book – Content Fortress – that protects business owners from unnecessary stress by helping them attract their dream clients. 


The Stand Out Content Framework is a comprehensive content system designed to guide you through each step of content creation, from strategy development to repurposing. The framework includes a video course, coaching sessions, content templates, and over 50 AI prompts. It encapsulates 10 years of our expertise into a proven framework.

The group coaching calls take place on...

Monday, 23nd October, Time TBC
Tuesday, 14th November, Time TBC
Monday, 11th December, Time TBC

We will have to times available on each date (morning and afternoon) to accommodate people wherever they are in the world! These will also be recorded too! 

The course is designed for entrepreneurs and founders who want to create stand out content and become the authority in their industry. Much of what we teach in the course can also be given to your team too. 

Currently, the Stand Out Content Framework is  £997+VAT.

The price includes lifetime access to a 10-part video course, two group coaching calls, over 50 exclusive AI prompts for faster content creation, and 30+ fill-in-the-blank content templates for various types of content.

The copy-and-paste AI prompts provided are designed to speed up your content creation process, assisting you with tasks ranging from keyword research to content repurposing, making content creation ten times faster.

Yes, upon purchase, you'll gain access to a content planning calendar, an SEO checklist, and an exclusive 1-hour video training on building a Content Fortress, with a combined worth of £391.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course content, allowing you to learn at your own pace and refer back to the material whenever needed.

fter completing the course, you can expect to create and repurpose content more efficiently, rank better on Google, generate organic leads, establish yourself as an industry authority, and ultimately increase your sales!

Content Marketing Course
Content Marketing Course
Content Marketing Course
Content Marketing Course
Content Marketing Course


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