Content Marketing Transformation

A Strategic Content Marketing Plan That Will Transform Your Business

We get it. Blogging is something you kinda think you have to do. So you or your team regularly publish helpful blog content. 

But, you get frustrated when you don’t see results. Especially when it feels like your competitors are snapping at your heels. 

Maybe you’ve thought about giving up on content marketing. After all, it takes up a lot of your or your staff’s time. 

What you really want is for your blog to deliver  higher search engine rankings, more website traffic, and most importantly, more leads and sales (from the right customers). 

But you just don’t know how to get there… 


In Just 6 Months Your Business Blog Will Be A Sales Machine


With our content marketing transformation programme, we will be with you every step of the way over the course of six months. 

By the end of the programme, you will rank on search engines, get more website traffic, and you’ll have a steady flow of leads and sales. 

But more than that. You will only work with your dream customers. You can charge more for your services. 

And you and your team will have the time to actually grow your businesses (instead of managing a million different marketing tasks). 

A Step-By-Step Programme For Blogging Success:
What's Included?

A Deep Dive & Initial Report

We want to get to know you. 

Our deep dive includes a two hour discovery session where we get to understand you and your business – the problems you face, your competitors, your brand and your goals. 

We’ll then do our own research, and we’ll create an initial report which includes a competitor analysis and a website critique.  

Your Strategic Blogging Plan

It’s time for the big unveiling! 

After our discovery session, research and initial report, we’ll produce your strategic blogging plan.

And we’ll go through this plan together during a two hour presentation and feedback session. 

This plan will go through EXACTLY the content that will get you more rankings, traffic, leads and sales. 


Bi-Weekly Call: Get More Sales From Your Content

Here every step of the way…

We’ll have bi-weekly calls with you, and during each call we will review your content, and tell you exactly how to improve it.  

We will also deliver specific, personalised training, looking at the key areas that will help your blog get more sales. This includes SEO, lead generation, copy, tone of voice, headlines and storytelling. 

Templates and Tools That Help You Save Time

Steal Our Proven Templates…Save So Much Time!

The biggest pain when it comes to producing blog content is how much time it takes! 

We have templates and tools that will help you produce content faster and get better results – including higher search engine rankings, more website traffic and more leads and sales. 


We’ll meet via video call every fortnight. This is where we’ll give you feedback on your content, and provide training on a particular topic that will make turn your blog content into a sales machine. 

Approximately 30-45 minutes every two weeks.  

If you implement what we teach, you will…

1. Increase your search engine ranking
2. Increase your website traffic 
3. Increase your leads and sales 
4. Attract customers who are excited to buy, and are well-informed about who you are and how you work.

The exact percentage increase will depend on your business, but we see amazing results like 10x your website traffic, doubling your sales or ranking for 500 more keywords!

Yes, we’re more than happy to meet with your entire marketing team 🙂 

If you need someone to help you write the content, optimise it and upload it to your website, then we can help with that.

Of course, we’ll teach you and your team how to do this. But we can also help if you need someone to do it for you. 


This is all about blog content. But, you can always repurpose the content you create into video or podcast too! 

What’s the one thing you do before you buy pretty much anything? Research. In fact, 70% of buying decisions are made BEFORE someone gets in touch with a company. People will research you and your business, and yes visit your blog. You blog is the place where you can attract your dream customers (and repel the ones that aren’t the right fit).  

This is for businesses who want to use their blog to get more leads and sales. You may be blogging already (but you haven’t yet seen your desired results) or you may be brand new to blogging. Either way, we can help.

There will be homework! 

Who Is This For?

This is for business owners who want to their blog to…

✅  Act as their best salesperson – delivering a steady stream of leads and sales 

✅  Prequalify leads – so you only attract prospects who are eager to work with you and ready to invest

✅  Attract them the right customers (and repel the wrong fit)

✅  Act as a customer service tool – informing  your customers about everything they need to know about your products or services 


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