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Content Marketing SOS: Strategy, Operations and Scaling for Overwhelmed Marketing Teams

In just 3 months, we transform bogged-down marketing teams into content marketing machines...

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?!

If you answer yes to any of these, you're in need of help!

You want to be the go-to company in your industry, but your team struggles to create content at scale and reach more people

It feels like your competitors are outshining you with their content strategy – they’re producing more and more and gaining traction

Your team are overwhelmed with content creation – they don’t have a clear strategy, workflow or scaling system to follow

You have individual content specialists within your team, but they don’t work together cohesively towards hitting your business goals

Content marketing is a significant marketing cost, and yet you’re not seeing an ROI from it

You struggle to create original, unique content because the thought leaders in your company (such as the founder) are so busy

It's time for you to relax!

Now imagine...

  1. Your team follows a clear content strategy that helps them create content at scale while saving time and money

  2. Your team no longer feels overwhelmed – everyone follows a specific process that transforms them from bogged down to creative and in control

  3. You’re creating unique, thought-leadership content at scale, and it’s gaining huge amounts of traction, positioning you as the ‘go-to’ company in your industry

But how can you do this?

a lifebuoy with the words SOS: Strategy, Operations and Scaling inside

We help rescue bogged-down marketing teams using our SOS methodology. By putting these three things in place into your business, you’ll have a framework for becoming the go-to company in your industry, effortlessly attracting leads and outperforming the competition.


You need a clear plan that ties all your content marketing activities together. This means setting goals that align with your business objectives and ensuring that every piece of content, social media post, and campaign contributes to hitting those goals. 


Make sure your team isn’t getting bogged down by confusion or disorganisation! Instead, implement a process that your team can follow – always knowing what they need to do and by when. This means your team gets to be more creative and focused. 


With the right strategy and a more efficient operation, it’s time to scale up. Make the most of your existing content by repurposing and redistributing it where it can have the most impact. With these three things in place, your business will be unstoppable. 


Content Marketing SOS

Content Strategy, Operations and Scaling for
Overwhelmed Marketing Teams

So, what do you actually get?

Month One

Month One: Kickoff session

We get to understand your business goals and everything there is to know about you and your target audience. 

Month One

Month One

Content Audit

We’ll audit all your content channels to show you what’s working, what’s not, and where you can grow.

Month One

Keyword Research

We’ll dig into the search terms your ideal clients are using and brainstorm content ideas to match. 

SEO Audit

We’ll do a deep dive into your site’s SEO, covering everything from keywords on your pages to how other sites link to you. 

Competitor Research

We’ll checkout the competition, looking for opportunities where you can standout, outrank and gain more traction.

Team Interview/Analysis

We’ll interview your teams, including marketing and sales and understand who does what when it comes to content.

12 Month Content Strategy

We plan out your content across all channels, targeting key times to drive sales. Every piece of content will help you hit your goals. 

Operations & Workflow

We’ll set up a content workflow for your team, making sure everyone knows what they’re doing and when. 

Scaling Plan

Spread your content far and wide in the smartest way possible, reusing and remixing so it reaches more people. 

What happens when you don't do this work?

Content strategy, operations and a scaling plan aren't just a nice to have, they are VITAL to your revenue...

No Strategy

Content Writing Packages

Without a strategy, your content won’t resonate with your audience or achieve your business goals.

Instead, businesses have to spend big money on ads and they miss the opportunity to become the leaders in their industry.  

No Operations

Content Writing Packages

No workflow = team confusion, duplicative work, lack of creative thinking and burnout. 

This chaos leads to inconsistent content quality, missed deadlines and opportunities and impacts overall revenue.

No Scaling

Content Writing Packages

If you don’t scale your content then you leave money on the table. 

You’ve already done the hard work, which is create original, compelling thought leadership content, don’t waste the opportunity by only publishing once!


Content Marketing Coaching For Your Team

With over a decade of expertise in crafting content marketing systems, we guide you and your team step-by-step, equipping you with a strategy for life-long success.

Team Slack Group

The Slack group will provide an accessible platform for any questions your team will need to ask.

Team members can use this space to quickly resolve uncertainties and share updates/wins. This ensures everyone remains aligned and can contribute effectively to our shared goals without delay.

Monthly Team Calls

We’ll have a call every month to run through our findings/analysis, answer your questions and make a plan for the month ahead. 

At each stage of the process from planning, to creating the strategy and operations, you and your team will be involved so we can achieve the best possible content marketing machine for your business. 

Let's Turn Your Team into a Content Machine (Without Impacting Creativity)

Wrapping your head around content strategy, operations and scaling is no easy task. In fact, it’s taken us 10 years of working with clients to get this right. But once you have this in place, your team are finally free of the nitty-gritty stuff and can get on with transforming .

Here are some of the extra ways we help your team…

AI Integration & Prompts

No, we don't use AI to create content but we will teach you how to use it to create better content faster.

Time Saving Content Templates

We'll share with you our content templates that will help you make unique content faster than ever before.

The Best Tools and Resources

We'll recommend the best tools you can use to plan, create and publish content and measure your success.

Team Hires and Freelancers

If relevant, we can recommend when and who you should hire, and when you should work with freelancers.

Who Are Jammy?


We’re an award-winning outsourced content marketing team of content strategists, SEO experts, copywriters, content writers, video editors, videographers and graphic designers. 

We help business owners create stand-out content that helps their site rank on search engines, positions them as go-to industry experts, attracts their ideal customers, and improves overall customer retention and satisfaction.

Martin and Lyndsay (the directors of Jammy) have also published a best-selling book – Content Fortress – that protects business owners from unnecessary stress by helping them attract their dream clients 


We’re transparent here at Jammy Digital and always like to give an indication on price. 

The cost is dependent on your business – the company size, team size, complexity of content marketing required etc. However, we can tell you that this is a 3 month commitment at a minimum of £5k per month. 

What do others think?


"I'm being found on the number one and two spots of Google for my key search terms..."

Kylie Lang

Quiz Strategist

‘They take so much care and consideration when writing these blog posts…it’s been a fantastic experience.’  

'The content has bought literally 40,000 people to our website. They know how great content works!'

Daniel Priestley

Founder, Dent & ScoreApp

‘Jammy have been a huge transformational partner for us. They’ve helped scale our business .’


Question? We've Got The Answer!

Our program is designed to transform your marketing efforts through a comprehensive approach covering Strategy, Operations, and Scaling. It includes a kickoff session to align on goals, a content audit, keyword research, SEO optimisation, competitive research, team interviews/analysis, a 12-month content creation strategy, content workflow on your project management tool of choice, and a content scaling plan.

Yes, of course, you can. 

You can book a 15 minute call to ask us any questions here

Or we’re often available on live chat.

Or, if you’d prefer, drop us an email at

Pricing starts at £5,000 per month for a minimum three-month commitment. The final cost depends on your specific needs and the scale of your operations. We tailor our services to ensure you receive a strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals, requiring a consultation to provide an accurate quote.

Content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. A three-month period allows us to implement the strategy, gather data, and start seeing tangible results. This timeframe is essential to set the foundations, execute the initial content strategy, and optimise based on performance insights.

Absolutely! Many clients see the value in continuing our partnership beyond the initial three months. We’re happy to discuss long-term arrangements that support your ongoing content marketing efforts and adapt as your business grows.

We’re a VAT registered company, and we will charge you VAT depending on your location. 

While some improvements can be noticed in the short term, content marketing typically shows significant results over time. Within the first three months, you’ll see foundational improvements. Tangible results in traffic, engagement, and lead generation usually start after 3 months of consistent effort.

Our SOS methodology focuses on not just creating content but ensuring it’s strategically aligned with your business goals, operationally efficient, and scalable. We don’t just fill in gaps; we transform your entire content marketing approach to make your team more cohesive, creative, and productive

Yes, our program is designed to be adaptable to any industry. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from tech startups to traditional retail businesses. Our initial consultation and tailored strategy ensure that we understand your industry’s unique challenges and opportunities.


You might be wondering...

We've not had the best experiences with agencies in the past, how does this differ?

It's frustrating when you don't see the results after spending time and money with an agency.

However, our Content Marketing SOS program is built around a unique methodology that emphasises not just content creation but strategic alignment with your business goals, operational efficiency, and scalability.

Will it absorb a lot of my team's time? They've already got a lot on!

It's completely understandable to worry about adding more to your team's plate, especially when everyone is already stretched thin.

That's precisely why our program focuses on streamlining and your content creation process.

The 'Operations' component of our SOS methodology is designed to introduce efficiencies that actually save time in the long run, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Can SOS really work for us and our unique business?

While we apply a proven framework to ensure success, every strategy we develop is deeply customised to fit your unique business goals, target audience, and the specific challenges of your industry.

We dive deep into understanding what makes your business tick, allowing us to tailor our approach in a way that feels like an extension of your team.

Can we not do this in-house? Why do we need your help?

This isn't just about doing the work for you; it's about elevating your existing efforts, transferring knowledge, and building capabilities within your team for sustainable success.

We give you the tools, frameworks, workflows and plan to achieve success forever. You know the phrase 'if you teach a man to fish'? Well, that's what we're doing!


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