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Imagine becoming the 'go-to' company in your industry, and getting more traffic and sales without YOU OR YOUR TEAM having to write a single word...

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?!

If you answer yes to any of these, you're in need of help!

You rely on referrals or networking too much, and you want to become the ‘go-to’ leader in your industry that organically attracts new leads.

You’ve tried to hire writers before, but they didn’t get ‘you’ and you had to spend a lot of time managing them.

You want better search engine rankings and more website traffic, but you’ve had rubbish experiences with SEO agencies. 

You’ve had your website professionally designed and now it’s time to get traffic and sales from it.

You’re spending a fortune on advertising each month and need a more cost-effective way to attract leads and sales!

It's time for you to relax!

Now imagine...

1. Your website is ranking on the first page of Google for your popular keywords.

2. Your blog is delivering consistent traffic, leads and sales, and you’re becoming the ‘go-to’ company in your industry.

3. You have a team of experts managing your blog saving you hours and hours of work per week.

4. You feel proud of the content published on your blog, without you having to write a single word.

But wait...

This all sounds dreamy, right? But how do you hand over management of your blog AND see amazing results without hiring…

…And all this is going to cost you a lot of time out of your business managing all these people. Not to mention the expense too! 🙈

Which is why we’re so excited to tell you about our service…


Our Blog & SEO Management Service

It’s a complete blog management and SEO service that will save you both time and money (win!) 

What happens when you hire us.

So What Do We Do, Exactly?

1. Keyword Research

We don't rely on guesswork to come up with your content ideas. We do keyword research to see what you're currently ranking for and identify keywords you could rank for in the future.

This research will help us develop your overall content strategy.

2. Content Strategy

We'll do an audit of your current content, and create a content strategy that takes your prospective customers through the entire sales process - from helping them find you to buying from you.

Once we're done, we'll send you a video/report of our findings and recommend what content we need to create for you.

3. Write the Content

Following the content strategy, we'll write blog posts that appeal to your audience and search engines too!

The aim of these posts is to help your customers through the entire sales process. They'll be optimised for your chosen keywords (based on the keyword research we've already done).

4. Upload to Your Website

We'll upload your content to your website, making sure it's formatted beautifully and in keeping with your branding.

We'll add headings, images and links, and make sure your content appeals to your readers. Because even the best blog post in the world won't have readers if it looks terrible!

This is where we put our web design skills into action!

5. Optimise Your Content

We'll make sure your content looks good for Google. We'll add a compelling meta description and SEO-friendly title tag, URL, internal links, etc.

We'll also optimise your images and use appropriate categories and tags. Basically, we take care of optimising your content for SEO.

6. Design Blog Graphics

They say never judge a book by its cover, but be honest, that's exactly what we do, right? It's the same with blog posts. Which is why we'll design you a beautiful blog post featured image.

So when you share your lovely new blog post, it will immediately capture your audience's attention.


We will take care of the publishing for you. Once we have completed the content, you will have a few days to approve it and then we will take it LIVE. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger!

Imagine looking at your blog and seeing brand-new content that you can be proud of.


Once we have published your blog content we we will create a copy for one email  and six social media posts

That way, you can easily share your content far and wide.

Saving You 10+ Hours
Per Week*

How long does it usually take you or your team to produce content?

Write, edit & proofread your content

Content Writing Packages

Writing and editing an in-depth, SEO-optimised blog post approx. 1000-1500 words in length. 

6‒8 Hours
Per Week

Content design & formatting

Content Writing Packages

Uploading the content, making it look beautiful and user-friendly. Plus designing a featured image. 

3‒4 Hours
Per Week

Optimising each of your blog posts

Content Writing Packages

Making sure your on-page SEO is up to scratch. Adding meta descriptions, optimised URL, title tag etc

1‒2 Hours
Per Week

Total saving:
10‒16 Hours Per Week 😲

*Based on one blog post per week

The ONLY 2 Things We Need From You

 We’ve developed a process that allows us to create traffic and lead-generating content while taking up very little of your precious time! 


One-off (30‒60 mins)

At the beginning of the process, we’ll have a call with you to ask you some key questions about your business. (This will help us develop your content strategy).

Once we’ve created the strategy, we’ll send this to you (in both video and/or text format) along with the recommendations on the content you need to create. All you need to do is confirm you’re happy with the blog post topics.


Approve the Content

Monthly (30‒60 mins)

We’ll send you the draft version of each blog post before we send it to our proofreader. This is where you can make any changes or suggestions.

Finally, we’ll send you a reminder each time your blog post is in drafts on your website. (We’ll schedule it to be published). That way, you decide if you want to check it before it’s published. Or let it publish automatically. 

What Kind of Content Will You Create?
We Follow Our Proven Content Strategy

On our kick-off call, we’ll discuss what’s most important to your business right now. Then we’ll use our proven content strategy to come up with your content ideas. We want to take your audience through the entire sales process – from finding you to buying from you.

Traffic-Generating Content

The kind of content that ranks on Google and delivers traffic.

Content that Helps Potential Customers

High-ranking content that impresses your potential customers.

Content that Pre-Qualifies Customers

Content that helps you attract only your dream customers.

Content that Makes You More Sales

Content that actually delivers you sales!

Who are we?

Meet Your Content & SEO Strategist and Writer, Lyndsay

I’ll be developing your content strategy and writing your blog posts.

I write your blog posts in your style and tone of voice. I also optimise them, based on the keyword research we’ll have done at the start of the project. 

I have a master’s in creative writing and I spend my spare time writing fiction and waiting for my Hogwarts letter …any day now. 


Who are we?

Meet Your Content & SEO Strategist and Graphic Designer, Martin

I’ll be developing your content and SEO strategy as well as adding your content to your website and designing some beautiful graphics.

For the past decade, I’ve run a web design agency, so I know how to create beautifully designed blog posts that your audience will absolutely love. 

I spend my spare time painting and doing Chewbacca impressions.

*Sidenote: yes, we do like cats.


the investment



Platinum Package


Per month

Gold Package


Per month

Silver Package


Per month

Gimmie More!

We Don't Just Do Blogging, Get More Out Of Your Content

SEO & Blog Writing Bonus

Additional fees apply

Build your brand on LinkedIn or Facebook

Turning your blog posts into social media posts

We can repurpose each blog post we publish into social media posts. You can use these posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, and get more eyeballs on your amazing content. 

Engage Your Email List

Email Marketing Copy Per Post

We can repurpose each blog post we publish into one email. Just copy and paste the content, send it to your list and, voilà lots of new traffic to your blog post and a happy email list!

Bonus - SEO & Blog Writing

Additional fees apply

Prefer to have a chat?

See If We're Right For You...


You might be wondering...

This is more expensive than hiring a freelancer

We might be slightly more expensive than hiring a freelance writer. (Their rates are wide-ranging.)

However, when you factor in the keyword research, content strategy, content optimisation, uploading your content to your website and designing graphics...all that would cost you a lot more if you were to hire separate people.

So actually, this is good value for money.

What do you know about writing

If you know us already, you'll know that Jammy has a background in website design and SEO.

However, a HUGE part of a website's success is not pretty design—it's content. It's content (not design) that grew our business without us having to spend a penny on advertising for years.

We've even published a book about it. Lyndsay has a master's in creative writing, we have an award-winning blog, and we've both coached and published content on behalf of our clients.

In short, we live and breathe content.

Are you strict about word counts? What if a blog needs more words?

One of the biggest issues with hiring a blog writer or SEO/content company is they are quite strict with word counts.

Following the keyword research phase, we will make recommendations if we feel we need to create longer-form content. This could mean we recommend writing one 3000 word post rather than two 1500 word posts. The reasons for this is for both SEO and because the topic requires a more indepth approach.

Why are you so

Weird, isn't it? Some people may think we're expensive, but others wonder why we're cheap.

And it's true that to find multiple people to do all of these things would cost a heck of a lot more. And we are cheaper than some other full-service content agencies.

The price won't remain like this forever. We're constantly reviewing it but we'll always give a head's up when we plan to increase the prices via a blog post, naturally 😉


Question? We've Got The Answer!

As soon as you buy, you’ll get emailed a link to  book a call with us. On this call we will ask you questions about your business and goals. 

Following this, we’ll get cracking on your keyword research and content strategy. 

Once this is done, we present to you the SEO report and our recommended blog posts. You approve. And we get started on the writing. Exciting!

Yes, of course, you can. 

You can book a 15 minute call to ask us any questions here

Or we’re often available on live chat.

Or, if you’d prefer, drop us an email at

Step One: we get on a call  to ask you some questions, find out about your business and uncover your goals

Step Two: we do the keyword research and come up with your new content strategy for the next 3 months (with recommendations on what content to write). 

Step Three: we write your blog posts and optimise them for search engines 

Step Four: we send you each blog post for approval 

Step Five: the blog post goes to the proofreader 

Step Six: we upload your content to your website, optimise it for search and create a beautiful blog post featured image. We’ll schedule it to go live on your website within a few days of uploading it. You’re free to check it or let it publish. 

Most of our clients are in this for the long-term i.e. at least 6-12 months. And when you see your content, we’re convinced you’ll be the same 😉

But we don’t want to tie any business into a massive commitment, so we require just a 3 month minimum commitment.  There’s a heck of a lot of work for us, particularly in the first month, so we feel this is fair. 

We’re a VAT registered company, and we will charge you VAT depending on your location. 

We get it. You’re an expert and you truly care about what you do. It’s understandable that you want to tell us what topics to cover.  However, you will see a huge difference in results if you follow our content strategy. It’s based on in-depth research and is a proven strategy we use with our clients and in our business. 

And don’t worry, on the initial call, we’ll chat with you to get your ideas. You will still see and approve all content too. 

Yes. We will send you a draft version of each blog post (before it is sent to our proofreader). This is for you to approve the blog post or make suggested changes. We will give you 5 working days to do this (unless longer is agreed with us prior). 

If you don’t give us feedback within 5 working days, we will go ahead and send your blog post off to our proofreader and upload it to your website (as a draft). 

This is to benefit both you and us. We want to ensure you have regularly published content on your website, and this is the most effective way to do it. 

In most cases, yes, you should continue to create content on your website. A website redesign can take months, and in that time you don’t want to stop marketing. 


Your new content can be moved over to the new website too. 

The only case where you wouldn’t invest in content is because you don’t want to drive traffic to your current website – maybe it just looks terrible, or all the information is out of date and you need to sort it out. 

We’re firm believers in having an extra pair of eyes look over your work. Even the best writers in the world can benefit from someone checking over their grammar, spelling and sentence structure. 

We want your blog posts to be the best they can be, and that’s why we invest in a proofreader too. 

We’ve worked with the following industries: 

  • Personal brand businesses and CEOs
  • SaaS
  • Finance 
  • Web design/digital marketing agencies
  • Health and wellness
  • Ecommerce 
  • Business coaching

If you or your team love blogging yourself, understand SEO, are getting great results, and have time each week to dedicate to it, then, yes, you should keep it in-house. 

If, however, you want to free up more time or don’t understand the technicalities of SEO (or simply, you just don’t really like blogging), then this service is incredibly useful for your business. 

We were web designers for a decade, so we know our way around most content management systems including (but not limited to): WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, HubSpot and Shopify. 

It would be rare that we would not be able to upload your content to your website. But we will discuss this with you if it’s not possible. 

We can write in your tone of voice and style, which is usually suitable when writing for audiences in different countries. 

We also work with an editor/proofreader based in the US, who makes rare suggestions of more suitable American English phrases or words. We’re looking to expand our network of editors and proofreaders to other English-speaking countries too. 

We can’t personally help; however, we have a network of professional, certified translators who can help you. We’re more than happy to introduce you to them.

We get the appeal of ads. It’s instant, isn’t it? You can clearly see the sales roll in. 

But ads aren’t getting any cheaper. In fact many businesses are struggling to break even on platforms like Facebook. 

And remember, we don’t just create you content for the long-haul. We are experts at creating sales content that converts your audience into paying customers. 

No. Don’t get us wrong, AI like Chat GPT is useful for prompts, but we do not write content using AI software. We have a team of professional, experienced writers to write your content for you.  

What do others think?


"You have been incredible to the success of my businesses"

Adele Stickland

Health Coach

So not only are they conscientious, they are insightful as a team. Their thought and their feedback is incredible. The speed and the turnaround is phenomenal. I spent a long time deciding who to work with, and I am so pleased that I ended up with Jammy Digital.

"My organic traffic doubled.'

Clare Murthy


Now, I have to say about six months later, I probably have only implemented about 70% of what they told me to do.

And the reason for that is that I became so busy. I’ve been fully booked with really fantastic clients. 

Seems too good to be true, right ?

Here's How We KNOW This Works

We Do What We Teach

Don’t you hate it when someone tries to sell you something that they don’t implement themselves? Well, we actually produce content that delivers us leads and sales. This isn’t just theory. This is based on years of experience. 


We Live and Breathe Content Marketing

We host regular Content Marketing Challenges in our membership community and we love reviewing our members’ content. It’s no secret we love content marketing!

Content Writing Packages

We've won and been nominated for numerous content marketing awards

In 2018 we won the “Best Blog” award from the Content Marketing Academy along with being finalists for other awards too.

Content Writing Packages
Content Writing Packages
Content Writing Packages
Content Writing Packages
Content Writing Packages
Content Writing Packages


the investment



Platinum Package


Per month

Gold Package


Per month

Silver Package


Per month

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