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How to Create the Perfect Homepage

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The 6 Things That Make a Successful Website

A pretty website ain’t gonna cut it. 

Websites are not art, to be looked at and admired. They should inspire action. They should get your visitor to do something. 

For a website to work, it needs to be successful in 6 key areas: appearance, user-experience, website copy, SEO, content marketing and lead generation. 

You don’t have to be perfect in all six (nothing is perfect) but you do have to hit all six areas and work at them. 

We help you get successful in these 6 key areas, which will turn your website will be a sales machine! 

Treat yourself

Sometimes, you just want to solve a particular problem, right? 

No speaking to anyone, just sit down, work through something and get sh*t done. 

We hear you. That’s why we developed a selection of products to help you with everything from content marketing and website copy to finding out exactly how to improve your website (without wasting a ton on a website redesign). 

Jammy Home
Jammy Home

Content Fortress Book

Do you feel like you have no control over the leads and sales that come through your business? Do you feel like you spend a lot of time with prospects who don’t buy from you? Or do you want to get better clients or customers, who respect your time and expertise and pay more for your products or services?

Content Fortress is your go-to guide for consistently attracting higher-paying clients who you love to work with.

In this book, we go through the eight pillars of content marketing that will dramatically improve how you communicate with your customers, protect your time, get better quality clients and empower you business. 

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Is Your Website Your Best Salesperson?

You website should work it’s butt off for you. 🍑

It should continuously deliver you four key things: search engine rankings, traffic, leads and sales. 

The problem is, it’s difficult to get every aspect of your website just right.

You may have a gorgeous website but you don’t show up on Google, and you get hardly any traffic.

You may have loads of traffic but poor conversions. 

We’re website specialists and through our membership programme, digital products, and one-to-one coaching we can help you transform your website into a sales machine. 

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Jammy Coaching Programmes

SEO Transformation Programme

Get higher search engine rankings and more website traffic to your website.

Content Transformation Programme

Get more leads and sales and higher paying clients you love to work with.

Website Transformation Programme

Optimise your entire website so it becomes the best sales person for your business.


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