The Ultimate Website Checklist

A checklist that tells you the 54 simple tweaks you can make to your website that will increase LEADS AND SALES.

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Get More Leads and Sales From Your Website

Many of us use our websites as ‘online billboards’ that simply advertise what we do. But your website should act as an unpaid sales person, working hard for your business to bring in leads and sales. 

The 6 Key Elements Your Website Needs to Cover

That’s why we put together this simple checklist that covers the 6 key elements your website needs to cover, breaking down each element into a simple list you can tick off. 

  • Learn the 6 Key Elements to a successful website
  • A handy checklist you can run through so you know how well your site is performing. And more importantly, how to improve it
  • Quick wins you can make on everything from SEO to website copy.
  • It doesn't matter what industry, B2C or B2B - this checklist will work for you.
LP - Homeblueprint
LP - Homeblueprint
LP - Homeblueprint

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