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Get a WordPress Website that ranks, gets more traffic and delivers you more sales.


MYMO Sales Page

We get it. You spend so much time faffing about with your website. It doesn’t get enough traffic. It doesn’t deliver enough leads. And when you look at it, it just makes you cringe.

You try to avoid embarrassment by telling potential clients you’re having your website ‘redesigned’. When in reality, it’s stayed the same for months or even years.

Ultimately, your website is embarrassing, difficult to use and worst of all, it isn’t delivering sales.

This needs to stop.

Imagine what it would feel like to be proud of your website. Imagine if your website got 10x more traffic and better Google rankings. Now imagine your website acted as the best salesperson for your business.

How much better would that be?

You could direct people to your site with confidence. You’d finally have a website that reflected who you are and your level of expertise. You wouldn’t have to rely on other social media and paying for Facebook ads to get sales. And you wouldn’t have to worry about where your next sale would come from.

The truth is (and web designers don’t like to tell you this), you don’t have to spend thousands to get a beautiful, sales-driven, high-ranking website. And you also don’t have to fight with a cheap template with crappy support. There is another way.

MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page

Who the hell are we and how can we help you?

MYMO Sales Page

We run a web design agency and we’ve created websites for some amazing people. We live and breathe websites, and we’ve achieved some pretty impressive results for our clients – such as 10x their website traffic, doubling sales, or adding 500 extra keywords to their current rankings. 

BUT, we also speak to a lot of freelance business owners who really struggle getting sales from their websites.

So what do they do? Struggle! They battle with all the techie stuff, or just give up and settle on a second-rate template.

And it really isn’t fair to people like you. Your website SHOULD generate you traffic, leads and sales. And you shouldn’t have to be a designer or techie, or have 10k in your pocket to get a successful website.

Common mistakes that business owners make when it comes to their website

MYMO Sales Page

MISTAKE 1 - Adapting Read-Made Templates

When people build their own website, they usually adapt ready-made templates. But why is this a problem? Because unfortunately, these templates aren’t designed with user-experience and conversions in mind. This means you have a website that doesn’t generate leads and sales, and annoys the hell out of your end-user!
MYMO Sales Page

MISTAKE 2 - Getting Bogged Down with the Techie Stuff

Building your own site is not easy! And it’s understandable when people get bogged down with all the techie stuff, especially when using website builders such as Divi or Beaver Builder. With no support it gets frustrating, and you inevitably end up ignoring the important aspects of a website – the things that will actually generate you leads and sales.

MYMO Sales Page

MISTAKE 3 - Not Growing a Website

When people do all that hard work and finally get their website live, they often experience tumbleweed instead of traffic! It’s hard knowing where to start with getting traffic to your website and getting it to deliver sales and leads. So business owners turn to social media instead. When actually their website should act as their best salesperson.

How We Help You Create a Website that Actually Works...

MYMO Sales Page

We do what we teach. We don’t just talk ‘theory’ or what we’ve read in books. We build sales-driven, high ranking, beautiful websites that cost a minimum of 5k through our web design agency. If we didn’t get results, we wouldn’t be in business.

We achieve amazing results for our clients and we will for you too. All for a fraction of the price.


Through our membership community – Make Your Mark Online.

– Through our membership, you will have access to our Plugin-and-Go Web Pages, designed by us and based on our experience and knowledge of building hugely successful websites.

– You’ll get our support through our private community and weekly Q&A calls. No more Googling for answers or wasting your time on YouTube!

– You’ll also have access to 60+ video courses on how to optimise your site, get more traffic, write website copy and improve conversions. With our support, your website will act as your best salesperson, and you won’t have to worry about where your next sale is coming from.

I know what you’re thinking...

MYMO Sales Page

Do I have time for this?

You’re already bogged down doing everything else in your business, right? Do you really have time for this?

But the purpose of this membership is to actually save you time. 

You won’t have to battle with a template and crappy support, you won’t have to Google tons of techie stuff and you won’t have to use so many different resources and tools in order to get traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales.

We want our membership to be a hub of useful stuff that will save you time AND money. 

Okay, but...another membership!

Yup. We’ve experienced it too. There’s nothing worse than learning fatigue. There are so many other membership communities, courses and free challenges out there, do you really need yet another thing you have to learn?

We were very much aware of this when we designed our membership. That’s why we wanted to focus solely on one thing – websites. We don’t bog you down trying to teach you every single marketing strategy under the sun.

So, yes, there’s learning, but you’re actually doing something. And you actually get something real out of the membership – a bloody good website that generates you leads and sales.


MYMO Sales Page

"It felt like Netflix for web design"

MYMO Sales Page

John Espirian - Technical Copywriter

"Martin and Lyndsay feel like friends "

MYMO Sales Page

Helen Bradley - Hypnotherapist

"This has saved me so much time"

MYMO Sales Page

Sara Bussandri - Content Writer


MYMO Sales Page

We help you build and grow a WordPress website that delivers you leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter if you need to build a new website from scratch, redesign your website or simply get more traffic and sales from your current site, you can join our course at the exact point that suits you and your business. Easy.

MYMO Sales Page



MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page


Use Our Proven Strategy to Plan Your Website

Having worked on over one-hundred 1-2-1 website design projects, we’ve created a proven strategy for building a website that acts as the best salesperson for your business. You’ll have access to our courses that help you attract better clients, charge more for your services and build a brand that your audience will love.
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page

Website Planning Day

Planning and building a website on your own is lonely and confusing. But not anymore. Join us across two full days in 2020 where we walk you through exactly what you need to include on your website, how to brand your website AND how to build a beautiful, conversion-friendly website using our plugin page designs.
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page


Pre-designed Web Pages By Us

These web pages aren’t just templates thrown together without any thought or consideration. We’ve created these pages based on our knowledge and experience of creating websites that cost up to £30,000. You’ll get access to user-friendly, beautifully designed pages that will generate leads and sales for your business.
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page

Add Your Branding to the Web Pages Easily

You can edit our page designs easily with your branding, colours, content and images. You can even add your own sections of text, images, testimonials or videos. It’s fully customisable, and you can follow along with our courses on exactly how to make changes. This gives you a unique, memorable, beautiful looking website that you can be proud of.
MYMO Sales Page


Generate More Traffic & Sales from Your Website

Your website should be that little space on the internet that’s all yours. A place you control to grow your business. That’s why we help you grow your website through our 60+ video courses, including SEO, blogging, copywriting, taking payments on your website and the best plugins for you to use.
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page

Join our Challenges & Be Held Accountable

Sometimes, we just need a little kick up the bum, right? Well, that’s exactly what we do in our challenges. Get involved and see the amazing way you can grow your traffic and increase your conversions through our regular challenges, such as our video challenge and blogging challenge.
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page


Be Part of Our Amazing Community

At the heart of our membership is our community. Something our members LOVE is the videos we record for them which answer their questions posted in the community. It’s a place where you can just talk business and make friends with some amazing people who can offer you support and guidance.
MYMO Sales Page
MYMO Sales Page

Weekly Q&A Call - No ‘Limited Access’ To Us!

Eugh. Those membership communities where you don’t see the owners for dust…they’re annoying, right? That’s why we’re live every week with our members, answering your niggling questions, giving you feedback and having a good giggle. Because as much as business is serious, we all need a little relaxing too, right?



Questions You Might Have

Ooooh, the ultimate question. The price is $39 per month or $390 per year (VAT may be extra, depending on where you live)! 

Yup. We’ve developed videos to help you with things like hosting, SSL certificates and installing the templates. We also have weekly Q&A calls and our private forum where you can ask questions. 

You’ll never be able to cancel…ever!! Mwahahaha

Seriously. We’re not one of those horrible companies that make it difficult to cancel (we’re looking at you, Sky). You can cancel at the click of a button. 

Having a great looking website is only the start of having a successful website. 

If you’re happy with you current website, then we’ll help you get more traffic to it and get more leads. We’ll do this through our 60+ courses about website copy, SEO, blogging etc.

A lot of our members have also used some of our pages on their website such as our about page or a lead capture page. So even if you don’t want to use us our entire website design, you can use elements of it. 

We use Slack for our members’ community forum. 

There’s a reason for this. With Facebook or any social media, it’s easy to get distracted from focusing on your business. We know from experience! 

And an online forum can be a little clunky and difficult to use.

We personally LOVE Slack. But it’s not about us. So we surveyed our members who reported back they loved Slack too! So that’s the forum we went with. 

We recommend you get a license for Elementor so you can edit our page designs easily. Elementor costs $49 a year (pretty reasonable!) We teach you how to use it, and the great thing is, it’s super easy!

We’ve tested all the paid page builders such as Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor – Elementor was the best. We use it all the time, including, to build this lovely page. 

But, the point of this membership is to also save you money. We don’t want you buying tons of other software and subscriptions.

For example, We’ve created lead capture pages so you don’t have you use any external lead capture software. 

We’ve developed plugin pages so you don’t have to pay for a theme and support. 

This is all about streamlining your costs.

It’s so lovely we get this question…

But no. 

The page designs are for members only, and you can’t buy them from us. So there. 




+VAT monthly



+VAT yearly


MYMO Sales Page

Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days you don’t like it, you can leave our membership with the click of a button (okay, maybe like three clicks) and get a full refund.

Stupid Guarantee (yes, we’re stupid)

We believe in our membership so much, that if it’s not right for you and you cancel within 30 days, you’ll get a FREE 30-minute 1-2-1 coaching call with us so we can point you in the right direction and offer guidance so you can grow your online business in a different way (worth £147.00). No hard feelings. We genuingly want to help you. 

Yeah, I’m ready to do this

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