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Give us two hours of your time every single month, and have exceptional, stand out short form video content that builds your audience and gets you more leads and sales! 

B2B Short Form Video

Any of These
Sound Familiar?!

If you say yes to any of these, read on...


But Wait...

This all sounds amazing right? But how can you do ALL that without hiring…


VIDEO VIP! Our Online, short-form Video Marketing Service

Give us two hours every single month, and in exchange we'll give you stand out, unforgettable video content.
Tell me the nitty-gritty!

What Does Our Remote
Video Service Include?

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

1. Video strategy & Plan

No more inconsistent, random video creation

We'll create you a video marketing strategy that makes sure your video builds your audience, makes you stand out and gets you more leads and sales

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

2. Call & Research

We have a kick off call to get to know you and understand your business, goals and audience.

Then we delve into research, looking at your current bank of content for juicy stuff we can use - your stories, methodologies, experiences, frameworks etc.

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

3. Idea/hook/ Prompts

One of the hardest parts of content creation is thinking of ideas and hooks

But we do all of this for you. We'll use our research to generate ideas, hooks, and prompts for your videos. These are carefully thought over and this planning makes such a huge difference to the overall success of your videos!

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

4. Video Record Time

Even though we're not physically in the room with you, we are there every step of the way

This means we help you with tech setup, lighting and recoding

All you have to do is show up and shine!

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

5. Director

Our video strategist (and professionally trained actor) will be there to coach you through your video.

You'll try out different hooks, reword things, go over points that perhaps weren't quite clear the first time - this is the stuff that will take your videos from good to exceptional.

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing


Finally, we'll edit your videos!

We’ll do it all–adding cool sounds, emojis, music, zoom in and out, removing erms and ahhhs, getting rid of background noise and much more.

What Results have our clients got from this ⬆️

Saving You 28+ Hours per month

How long would it take you or your team to create this content?
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Keyword research and topic ideas

Do the keyword research and get your video topic ideas for 15+ videos

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Ideas, hooks, prompts
for every video

Writing yourself prompts for every single video your due to record

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Video editing &
all the extras

Video editing, writing descriptions, adding compelling titles and hashtags

4 Hours

4 Hours

20 hours

Total saving: 28+ Hours (or nearly an entire week!?)

Yes, that’s how long good video content takes. But luckily for you, it only takes you 2 hours of your time!🥳🥳🥳

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

What 's the process we use
To deliver you three months
Worth of video content?

We follow four simple steps to deliver you scroll-stopping, lead-generating videos that your audience will love! Here’s how…

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Step One

We’ll have our kick off call and consume any current content you have before coming up with your strategy, ideas, hooks and prompts.

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Step Two

We’ll have a call with you to make sure you are ready and raring to go for your first recording session.

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Step Three

You record all of the content in one go, with the help of our dedicated director - giving you up to one month's worth of content in just two hours

Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing

Step Four

We edit that content and edit it so it's suitable across multiple platforms including YouTube and social media.

WHO ARE Your Short-form video team?

Content Strategist, Lyndsay Cambridge
Martin Huntbach, Content Stratgist
Video Strategist, Matt Boland
Video Editor, Josh Waterhouse

We’re a team of video content strategists, writers, video editors and videographers – so all you need to do is show up and shine! 


We Have
4 2 spaces available


Online, Monthly Video VIP:
End-to-end video marketing service

+VAT (if applicable)
  • 15 short-form videos(30-60 sec) ​with 2 different versions suitable for both YouTube and social media - that's 30 videos total!
  • 60 Minute Kick-off Call
  • Video topic ideas for each video
  • Video hooks and prompts for each video
  • Your dedicated director for recording
  • Professional video editing
Prefer to have a chat?

See If We're Right For You...

the investment

You might be wondering...

Will doing this online REALLY work

We’ve helped create some exceptional video marketing content for our clients without being in the room, in fact, they’ve been half-way across the world! 

So yes, it really does work. We’ll walk you through the set up and tech, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

And of course, it’s not like we’re not there when you’re recording, we spend the entire time on video call with you. 

Will the video quality not be a bit dodgy?

We don’t use Zoom to record your videos (that would be dodgy!) We’ll help you set up with your camera or iPhone. 

Before we record, we also send you a room setup guide with advice on lightning, microphones and sound. 

And we’ll do a test video before we go into the whole thing, just to make sure it’s really good quality we’re getting. 


Can't I just do this

Of course you could, but…

  1. We know how to create content that grabs attention and gets leads and sales. Everything from the idea, to the hook, to the editing is all carefully considered

  2. Having our director with you makes the WORLD of difference as he can spot when you need to make something clearer, more snappy, use a story etc 
It's a bit of an investment, is it worth it?

It’s an investment because quality matters and there are three key stages you have to go through to make video a success – planning and prep, video recording and video editing. 

Video can get you some absolutely brilliant results, but only IF you consistently nail the above and stick to it, week-after-week. 


Question? We've Got The Answer!

Getting results out of video is all about one thing: consistently creating stand out video content. 

To do that, you need to commit to video creation as a key marketing channel for your business. 

BUT, the results (and ROI) is so worth it – you absolutely won’t want to stop! 

We’re not keen on big contracts, however, you will need to commit to this for 3 months (we do a lot of work upfront in the research phase, so 3 months factors that in) 

For filming short-form video you need a change of outfits (usually the ‘top’ part so t-shirts, shirts, jackets etc). Try to have around 5-6 outfits if possible. 

Also, try to use ‘block’ colours rather than ‘busy patterns’ – this makes it easier to see your captions!

We’ve experimented with this A LOT, and can confidently say that when you use a full script it takes longer and the results aren’t anywhere near as good. 

That’s because people become more focused on memorising a script than they do delivering value. When you have prompts instead of a script, you deliver so much more and it comes across as a lot more natural too. 

But it’s also why we have our director there on filming day. They will help support you throughout. If you need a prompt to help you get back to your place, the director is there to help. 

Some of our clients have had the following results

1. Videos that have received 100,000-200,000 views 

2. All our short-form videos so far have received between 5000-50,000 views each (yours, of course, will depend on the size of your audience and how much promotion you do) 

3. Videos that have received hundreds of comments from our client’s target audience on social media

We are a VAT registered company so you may pay VAT depending on where you are in the world. 

We have clients all around the world. This is the perfect service if you’re not in the UK. We might just have to figure out timezones that’s all! 

After our call together and our research it would be highly unlikely you’d hate any ideas (based on doing this for so many of our clients!) 

However, you are free to swap any topics you don’t like, that’s no problem at all!

Yes, it sounds like one of those fake scarcity things, but the reasons are purely practical. 

We have 2x video editors, and a video strategist  – this means we’re limited on time. We have four spaces available for this every month and that’s it. Once all four spaces are taken, you can join the waitlist to take the place of someone if they drop out. 

Each video will be approx. 30- 60 seconds. 

Here’s the beautiful thing about this – you can post them to multiple channels – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. 

We have two in-house, professional video editors. We absolutely LOVE their work and they go above and beyond what you see from many outsourced video editors. 

Yes, absolutely and this can be a great way to get you started with video content marketing. All we ask is that you are an expert on your topic, that you have unique ideas and experiences you can bring to the table. 

Yep, particularly if you’re not seeing the results or having the consistency you’d like!

You certainly could but the videos we create aren’t geared towards paid advertising, they are there to gain organic traffic and leads.

Yes, our specialism is B2B short form video. For example, we work with…

  • Coaches & Consultants
  • B2B SaaS companies
  • Law firms
  • Event organisers
  • Finance companies 
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing
Face-to-Face Video Content Marketing