Data-Driven Content that helps you stand out and attract your ideal clients

Hey, you! Does this sound familiar?

If you answer yes to any of these, you're in need of help!

You’re not as ‘known’ as you’d like to be

You and your business are bloody brilliant! But the world doesn’t know it yet. Other people get invited onto stages, on podcasts or get press. And they get to build their audience and make more sales. In short, you want a piece of that action! 

You want to increase your organic leads drastically

You’re spending a lot of dough on ads or a lot of time on social media, drumming up interest in your business. But, this is costing you time and money. You want to gain leads and sales organically, without continuous effort or funding. 

You’re David, and your competition is Goliath

You’ve got a great (and maybe even superior) product or service, but you’re not getting the same level of recognition or sales as your much bigger competitors. They’ve been going longer and have a bigger piece of the pie.

You struggle to differentiate yourself

Yes, your product is the bee’s knees, but there are similar ones out there, and you struggle to differentiate yourself from your competition. You need something that gives your messaging an edge, something that’s different from every other business. 

You're not seeing the results you’d like from your content

You keep creating ultra-helpful content and delivering tons of value! But it’s just not getting the rankings, traffic and sales you’d like. You need a piece of content that no one else has created, that ranks, and that can make your sales. 

Your sales teams lack compelling, unique copy

It feels like you say the exact same thing as everyone else, and you or your sales team struggle to differentiate from other businesses. You need unique sales content and copy that’s unique and helps make your sales 

It's time to change...

Raise your hand to any of the above?

Well, not anymore. Because there is an answer. 

There is one thing you can do which will solve all of these problems (and more) for your business. 

And that is…Original Research. 

Original research is not about quoting boring stats that mean nothing to your audience. 

The RIGHT original research can…

  • Position you as the go-to person in your industry
    Your name is the name everyone knows and recommends.
  • Dramatically increase search engine rankings
    Get leads and sales organically from people searching on Google.
  • Get you more press, speaker and podcast invites
    Build your personal profile and increase awareness of your product or service

  • Fuel your content strategy for the future
    Save so much time when it comes to content creation for the next 3-6 months 

  • Give you instant authority in the eyes of your potential customers
    Become a trusted and respected person in your industry

  • Make your website copy unique with compelling data
    Prove your product or service is vital and delivers results, and watch more sales roll in!

But wait...

This all sounds dreamy, right? But how do you hand over management of your blog AND see amazing results without hiring…

…And all this is going to cost you a lot of time out of your business managing all these people. Not to mention the expense too! 🙈

Which is why we’re so excited to tell you about our service…


The REMARKABLE Original Research Framework

This is our unique framework that helps you become the go-to leader in your industry…

the framework in action!

So What Do We Do, Exactly?


Research audience

After an in-depth call with you where we understand your goals and business, we will take charge of conducting the research.


Examine the data:

After an in-depth call with you where we understand your goals and business, we will take charge of conducting the research.


Research audience

After an in-depth call with you where we understand your goals and business, we will take charge of conducting the research.


Examine the data:

After an in-depth call with you where we understand your goals and business, we will take charge of conducting the research.


Meaningful content:

We’ll create unique, standout content based on the data, including blog articles, a whitepaper or research report and results web page.


Add your perspective

We’ll make sure we gain YOUR perspective on the results following the results of the data, positioning you as the leader in your industry.


Reaction of experts

We’ll also approach thought leaders for their comments on your research, giving it even more credibility and increasing your reach


Keyword research:

Before we publish your data, we’ll make sure we do in-depth keyword research, so we maximise your search engine rankings


Amplify content:

We’ll create social media posts, graphics, emails, and, even, the slides for your results launch webinar!


Build your email list:

We write your email follow-up sequence for everyone who downloads your whitepaper, and help you build an email list of potential buyers!


Leverage the data

We’ll create sales messaging copy you can use on sales calls, in proposals, cold outreach messages and presentations


Elevate your brand

We’ll help you use this research to come up with your pitch to get on podcasts, speaker stages and in the press

Conducting original research: can you do this in-house?

There’s nothing quite like original research to transform you into the go-to person in your industry. 

But you need to do it RIGHT. And that means you can’t just knock up a quick survey and get results. 

To do ALL of this yourself, you would need…

A web expert 🖥

To set up your research and create your landing page, results page and hook it up with your research software.

A graphic designer 🎨

To create the imagery for your landing page, design your whitepaper, create graphics based on the results and create imagery for any web pages, social media and blog posts


A copywriter 📝

To write your research questions, landing page and thank you page copy, as well as your content such as your whitepaper or research report, blog articles, social media posts etc


A data analyst 📊

To analyse the results of your research, correlate your findings and piece together a story about what your research means and how it relates to your audience 


An SEO expert 🔎

To do the keyword research and publish your research so it’s optimised for your target keywords


A project manager 🧠

To y’know, help manage all these people and make sure the project is meeting the deadlines at various stages and bringing in results 

Yikes. That’s a lot of stuff to do and a lot of expertise needed. 

If that’s not something you have in-house, or your team doesn’t have the capacity for, book a call with us now. 

Saving You 10+ Hours
Per Week*

How long does it usually take you or your team to produce content?

Write, edit & proofread your content

Content Writing Packages

Writing and editing an in-depth, SEO-optimised blog post approx. 1000-1500 words in length. 

6‒8 Hours
Per Week

Content design & formatting

Content Writing Packages

Uploading the content, making it look beautiful and user-friendly. Plus designing a featured image. 

3‒4 Hours
Per Week

Optimising each of your blog posts

Content Writing Packages

Making sure your on-page SEO is up to scratch. Adding meta descriptions, optimised URL, title tag etc

1‒2 Hours
Per Week

Total saving:
10‒16 Hours Per Week 😲

*Based on one blog post per week

What will we need from you to conduct this original research for your business?

Ultimately, we want to deliver you some amazing data and content that will work hard for your business–bringing leads and sales. But, we also want to do it without taking up too much of your time. 

Obviously, you’ll need to be involved at a strategic level and approve the key pieces of content. So here’s where we’ll need approval or discussions with you…


We will have an initial call with you to discuss your goals, understand what you want from this research and look into how we can get the data.

Approve research

We will need approval on research questions and format (such as the landing page and thank you page) before we go ahead and reach out to a list of potential respondents 

Discussion of data

This is an exciting time! Once we’ve analysed the data and come back with our initial findings, we’ll have a chat with you about how we can use this data to maximise results! 

Approve content

We’ll also need the approval of your whitepaper/research report, webpage, social media graphics, blog articles, email follow-up sequence etc 

What exactly do you get?

Obviously, you want to understand the nitty-gritty of what you get as part of the original research service. 

So here it is: 

The Tech

for example set up of landing page, thank you page, research questions etc

The Copy

for your research questions, landing page, thank you page, etc

The Content

for your blog articles, whitepaper, and website page that contains your research

The Sales

for your follow-up email sequence once someone downloads the research, quantitive data that you or your team can quote to prospects

The Graphics

for your social media graphics, whitepaper design, web page graphics, blog post graphics, webinar slides and more

The Data

a review of the data, looking at any correlations and interpreting the data so it’s interesting for your audience


including in-depth keyword research and optimisation of your content to maximise the chances of it ranking

The PR

a press release based on the new data to send to media and specific industry websites and organisations

The Pitch

copy you can use so you can approach podcasts, speaking opportunities and press with ease!

The Launch

a launch plan to including a webinar plan (and slide design, webinar landing page, thank you page etc).

What's it going to cost you?

What’s the cost of original
research for your business?

It depends isn’t the answer you’re after, right? But in this instance, it really does depend on what you need, how big the survey is, how much data there is to analyse etc. 

But, we always try to give an indicator of price where we can, so the cost can be anywhere between £5,000 to approximately £15,000. 

Who are we?

Meet Your Original Research Content Specialists...

Hey! We’re Martin and Lyndsay, and we run Jammy Digital, a content marketing agency for businesses that aren’t afraid to stand out.

We create EPIC, remarkable content that ranks and positions you as the go-to expert in your industry.

But, more importantly, we create content that gets you actual results, i.e. leads and sales! 

We’re also authors of the best-selling authors of the content marketing book, Content Fortress.

let's have a chat

See If We're Right For You...


Question? We've Got The Answer!

We can do both qualitative and quantitive research, but we mainly focus on quantitive (i.e. gathering numerical data) for your research. 

The majority of research will be done via a survey or questionnaire, where we can ask ‘open-ended’ questions to gather more in-depth results. 

Good question! 

The biggest difference between what we do (which is original research) and a market research company is the goal of the research. 

A market research company will test the viability of a new product or service or test your target market’s knowledge and understanding of your brand. 


Ultimately, the goal of market research is to help you make better business decisions based on data. 

Original research content is different, as the primary goal for this is to create interesting research that positions you as a leader in your industry. 


It’s a marketing strategy that can get you higher search engine rankings, improve your sales messaging, create content and ultimately get you more sales. 

Both are super cool. Both are different (although there may be a little overlap!) 

We’re a VAT registered company, and we will charge you VAT depending on your location. 

Firstly, it’s important to remember that surveying your own audience doesn’t always give you the most accurate results (depending on the goals of the research, of course). 

So we may or may not go to your audience in the first instance. 

Secondly, we find where the target audience hangs out and approach them about taking part in this research. This may require an additional budget to get in front of your target audience, but this really does depend on who your audience is. The extra budget can be surprisingly small, so don’t let that put you off! 

Finally, just remember that any new people who take part in your research could also become leads themselves. That’s always nice, right? 

Essentially, when you create original research, you become the ‘original source’ of information. And what happens when you’re the original source? Other websites will link back to yours, and you’ll gain more backlinks. 

The right backlinks have a huge positive impact on SEO as these links tell Google that your site is trustworthy, authoritative and creating brilliant content.

This means your overall rankings and domain authority increase. 

Original research can be a powerful tool for public relations (PR) because it provides unique and valuable insights that can be used to create compelling stories and media pitches.

When a company or organisation conducts original research, they are creating new information that has not been previously available. This information can be used to:

Generate media coverage: Original research can be used to create news stories or articles that highlight the findings of the study. This can be particularly effective if the research addresses a topic that is currently in the news or is of interest to the media.

Establish thought leadership: Conducting original research can help establish a company or organisation as a thought leader in their industry. By providing valuable insights on a particular topic, they can position themselves as experts and go-to sources for information.

Create shareable content: Original research can also be used to create shareable content that can be distributed across social media channels. 

Build relationships with journalists and influencers: By providing journalists and influencers with exclusive access to original research, you can build relationships with these key stakeholders. This can help ensure that they are included in future coverage and media opportunities.

Here are some ways that original research can help with content marketing:

Provides content for blog posts and articles: Original research provides content for blog posts and articles. In fact, with our service, we create blog posts for you based on the research, nice eh? 

Establishes thought leadership: Original research can help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. By providing valuable insights on a particular topic, you can position yourself as an expert and go-to source for information.

Builds backlinks: Original research can attract backlinks from other websites, which can improve your website’s search engine rankings. This can help increase organic traffic to your website.


Boost all your future content marketing efforts: whenever you create any blog post, video, social media post etc in the future, you can always reference this research–meaning you can always position yourself as a leader in your industry with unique data no one else has!

Here are some ways that original research can help with sales:

Generates leads: If done right, original research is a lead generation tool. By offering access to your research findings in exchange for contact information, you can generate new leads and identify potential customers who may be interested in your products or services.

Provides evidence: Original research can provide evidence to support your marketing claims. You’re not just saying something is true, you’re providing evidence to back this up! 

Identifies pain points: Original research can help identify pain points that potential customers are experiencing. By understanding the challenges and problems that potential customers are facing, you can tailor your sales pitch and messaging to address their specific needs and concerns.

Differentiates you from your competitors: Original research gives you a competitive advantage because it positions you as a leader in your industry. No one else will have this data, but you! 

The whole process from the moment you start working with us to us completing every single thing takes three months. 

Now, this may sound like a long time, but to conduct the research, get the results, analyse the results and create the content, it actually is super-duper fast! 

We will, of course, take on the majority of the workload. But will also need your input at key strategic times too. 

Good question!

Qualitative research helps you understand human behaviour and experiences by gathering and analysing non-numerical data, such as interviews, or observations. We can gather qualitative data by asking open questions. 

Quantitative research, on the other hand, is a research approach that seeks to measure by gathering and analysing numerical data, such as surveys and experiments, and using statistical analysis to draw conclusions. This is, primarily, what we’ll use as part of your research. 

What do others think?


"You have been incredible to the success of my businesses"

Adele Stickland

Health Coach

So not only are they conscientious, they are insightful as a team. Their thought and their feedback is incredible. The speed and the turnaround is phenomenal. I spent a long time deciding who to work with, and I am so pleased that I ended up with Jammy Digital.

"My organic traffic doubled.'

Clare Murthy


Now, I have to say about six months later, I probably have only implemented about 70% of what they told me to do.

And the reason for that is that I became so busy. I’ve been fully booked with really fantastic clients. 


You might be wondering...

This is more expensive than hiring a freelancer

We might be slightly more expensive than hiring a freelance writer. (Their rates are wide-ranging.)

However, when you factor in the keyword research, content strategy, content optimisation, uploading your content to your website and designing graphics...all that would cost you a lot more if you were to hire separate people.

So actually, this is good value for money.

What do you know about writing

If you know us already, you'll know that Jammy has a background in website design and SEO.

However, a HUGE part of a website's success is not pretty design—it's content. It's content (not design) that grew our business without us having to spend a penny on advertising for years.

We've even published a book about it. Lyndsay has a master's in creative writing, we have an award-winning blog, and we've both coached and published content on behalf of our clients.

In short, we live and breathe content.

Are you strict about word counts? What if a blog needs more words?

One of the biggest issues with hiring a blog writer or SEO/content company is they are quite strict with word counts.

Following the keyword research phase, we will make recommendations if we feel we need to create longer-form content. This could mean we recommend writing one 3000 word post rather than two 1500 word posts. The reasons for this is for both SEO and because the topic requires a more indepth approach.

Why are you so

Weird, isn't it? Some people may think we're expensive, but others wonder why we're cheap.

And it's true that to find multiple people to do all of these things would cost a heck of a lot more. And we are cheaper than some other full-service content agencies.

The price won't remain like this forever. We're constantly reviewing it but we'll always give a head's up when we plan to increase the prices via a blog post, naturally 😉

Seems too good to be true, right ?

Here's How We KNOW This Works

We Do What We Teach

Don’t you hate it when someone tries to sell you something that they don’t implement themselves? Well, we actually produce content that delivers us leads and sales. This isn’t just theory. This is based on years of experience. 


We Live and Breathe Content Marketing

We host regular Content Marketing Challenges in our membership community and we love reviewing our members’ content. It’s no secret we love content marketing!

Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO

We've won and been nominated for numerous content marketing awards

In 2018 we won the “Best Blog” award from the Content Marketing Academy along with being finalists for other awards too.

Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO
Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO
Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO
Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO
Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO
Original Research for Sales, Content Marketing & SEO


the investment


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Per month

Gold Package


Per month

Silver Package


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