Border In A Box
"I’ve loved working with you. I found the video updates really helpful"


Border in a Box sell ready-made garden borders in a gift box. They take all the stress and worry out of designing your own garden by telling you what plants are good together and where they should go. It’s an easy-to-follow template that saves you thousands on employing a garden designer!

Nikki, the owner of Border in a Box, wanted to improve the appearance of her website, ensuring it reflected her and her brand. She was also keen to start with content marketing and improve her SEO.

She’d previously used a template but found it limited in what she could do with the design. It also didn’t effectively communicate the benefits of her wonderful products.

Border In A Box
Border In A Box


Border in a Box is a unique product, and we were conscious of how this was communicated to Nikki’s audience. As soon as you get to the website, we explain what Border in a Box is and what’s included.

It’s exciting when a client embraces content marketing and Nikki was keen to develop her efforts! We pulled through her blog to her homepage and we also implemented a ‘magazine style’ blog design, that would appeal to her target audience.

Nikki is now ranking for more than double her original keywords and she continues to produce fantastic content for her audience


  • – Communicated the benefits of the product via the design
  • – Content integration via blog on the homepage
  • – Bespoke online shop via WooCommerce
  • – Bespoke home page, inner page, magazine style blog layout
  • – Email marketing integration with MailChimp

The Final Design

Happy Customer

"I’ve loved working with you. I found the video updates really helpful – I could see exactly what you were doing at each stage of the process and also the handover videos have enabled me to update/tweak sections myself which was just what I wanted."
Nikki Hollier - Border in a Box
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