Mum’s Meal Planner
"Martin really looks at what the business needs & creates a website to suit (& it looks fab too!)."


Mum’s Meal Planner was created by extra busy mum of two, Becky, who found she spent hours each week researching healthy, affordable meals for her and her family. She created Mum’s Meal Planner to save parent’s like her all the time and effort that goes into meal planning.

Each week she gives parents a daily meal plan, along with a helpful weekly shopping list.

Before working with us, Becky had a basic website which she used for blogging, but she quickly realised she needed something more professional.

Mum's Meal Planner
Mum's Meal Planner


Email automation was a key-factor in building this site, as each subscriber would need a weekly meal plan sent to them via email. This required as little management as possible from Becky, freeing her up to write her many blog posts, try out new and exciting recipes and of course, be a full time mum all at the same time!

Becky also wanted to capture potential prospects’ email addresses in order to remain in communication with them. To do this, we created a call to action designed to appeal to visitors as soon as they landed on the homepage.

Finally, the website was designed in a fun and quirky style, reflecting Becky’s personality.


  • – Fun and quirky style to reflect Becky
  • – Most recent content fed through to homepage
  • – Setup a monthly recurring membership model
  • – Set up a lead capture and integrated MailChimp
  • – Integrated downloadable menus and recipes

The Final Design

Happy Customer

"I’ve loved working with you. I found the video updates really helpful – I could see exactly what you were doing at each stage of the process and also the handover videos have enabled me to update/tweak sections myself which was just what I wanted."
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