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Get Leads & Sales on Autopilot

Your website should act as a superhero team for your business. Like the Avengers (but with a tad less lycra). 

It should be your…

1. Best salesperson, bringing leads and sales to your business 24/7. 

2. Trusted customer service advisor, informing and building trust and loyalty with your customers. 

3. Security guard, defending you against those crappy clients or customers who absorb all your team’s time and cause stress.

4. Celebrity, someone who will pull in the crowd and get traffic to your business.

And with Jammy, we help you transform your website into your superhero team, all with the help of content and SEO. 


Daniel Priestley Entrepreneur

250% increase in organic web traffic

“Their insights and quality of implementation blew me away and the results have been awesome. We now win a steady stream of business from inbound inquiries that came from the content. Really proud to be partners with Martin and Lyndsay.”

Daniel Priestley – Dent Global

Content & SEO that Saves You
& Your Team So Much Time

A website is not a piece of art to be looked at and admired. It should consistently deliver you traffic and sales. 

And it’s content and SEO, not pretty design, that does this.

But fear not, because this is where we can help.

We offer a blog and SEO management service, where we do everything from keyword research and creating your content strategy, to actually writing the content, optimising it and creating graphics. 

The kind of content we create will take your audience through the entire buyer’s journey – from finding you to buying from you. 

Jammy Home 2022
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How Good is Your SEO?

Take our SEO quiz and find out:

✅ Exactly what you need to do to rank higher in search results
✅ How well optimised your website is (and how to improve it)
✅ If your content is structured correctly for SEO 
✅ If your website is seen as an authority in the eyes of Google!

Content Fortress Book

Do you feel like you have no control over the leads and sales that come through your business?

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time with prospects who don’t buy from you?

Or do you want to get better clients or customers, who respect your time and expertise and pay more for your products or services?

Content Fortress is your go-to guide for consistently attracting higher-paying clients who you love to work with.

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SEO & Blogging Tools and Resources

Sometimes, you just want to solve a particular problem, right? 

Just sit down, work through something and get sh*t done. 

We hear you. That’s why we developed a selection of products to help you with everything from content marketing and website copy to finding out exactly how to improve your website (without wasting a ton on a website redesign). 

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