World Class Communication Workshops
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WCC is an event like no other. The aim is to transform how you communicate, not just publically, but with your clients, staff and even your friends and family. So we were pretty excited to get a call from Chris Marr and Marcus Sheridan asking if we’d design their site. Hell yeah, we can!

Marcus and Chris had previously advertised this event on Chris’ website, Content Marketing Academy. This threw a few problems their way. The message about the event got lost on the old site, which made marketing it difficult. They didn’t have a booking system, and WCC didn’t have its own identity. It needed something to make it known and stand out.

World Class Communication Workshops
World Class Communication Workshops


We created a new website that gave WCC its own space and identity. We wanted to get across how powerful WCC is for those who attend, but also the theatricality of the event.

There are five ticket options for WCC, and our job was to get the user to right place, explaining clearly who each ticket was suitable for. We created bespoke pages to showcase the tickets, as well as encouraging users to book through an integrated booking system.

It was important we integrated email marketing and also a blog, where the latest posts pulled through to the homepage.

We loved working on this project. It’s always great working with people you admire. This website generated hundreds of pre-bookings for 2018, and we’re pretty proud of that too.


  • – Sell 5 different ticket types over a 2-day event
  • – Find an innovotive solution to sell tickets easily
  • – Make video a main feature of the website
  • – Create a form of lead capture to be able to build a database
  • – Integrate Blog and Podcast sections for future content

What did Chris Think?

The Final Design

Happy Customer

"I’ve loved working with you. I found the video updates really helpful – I could see exactly what you were doing at each stage of the process and also the handover videos have enabled me to update/tweak sections myself which was just what I wanted."
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